Coles Key Issues on Commercial Food Production

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COLES Coles(Company Background) Coles is owned by the Australian corporation wesfarmers.It was founded in 1914.This chain store has 742 stores which are all over australia.Coles employee more than 100000 employees and has huge share on australian retail supermarket. Introduction Australia is famous for fresh food supermarkets and here in australia two retails giants (woolworths and coles)is big in doing retail business on local level.This article surveys Coles key issues on commercial food production and retail sectors and also will look on how in current years Coles have adapted ethically to its stakeholders to its crticisms ans concerns and how coles is reacting to these kind of concerns.Over the decade customers and other organisations have put direct interest on retail industry.Tough comces paid to suppliers.Qualty is a big need for coles .Issue in quality has rise of rise in daily basic goods like milk.This is concerning both suppliers and consumer .Many small towns and suburbs have done public campaign against coles in recent years.New strategies placed by coles is helping them to increase thier reputaion which involves employees training getting goods from local farmers and many others Role of ACCC Accc( Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) play a role of consumer watchdog in

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