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Organizational Development (OD) is a developing discipline that draws on knowledge and methods from the behavioral sciences. The goal of OD is to enhance organizational effectiveness through planned systemic change. These cases study provide students with the discipline's defining conceptual frameworks and the technologies used in x organizational development. Greater emphasis is on understanding the relationship between the OD practitioner's (like Colgate-Palmolive and Marks & Spencer) role and key players in the clients system as the OD cycle unfolds. Students would experience the practitioner's "mind set" as they are challenged to frame organizational issues and identify how to enter and intervene in dynamic organizational settings.…show more content…
For that reason, he set out to diversify the company’s operations in the early 1970’s. Foster’s concept was that these diverse business groups would provide greater growth than Colgate could achieve in its traditional markets which CP’s acquisitions did during his era (Please Refer Exhibit – 1). Unfortunately, the anticipated growth did not occur and profitability was less than planned, putting excessive demands for profitability on the traditional businesses.

The Keith Crane Era (1979 – 1984). When Crane succeeded Foster as CEO in 1979, as he analyzed the overall business and concluded that Colgate had become a company that was losing momentum in its traditional business. To overcome these problems, he had set out to get CP’s management “back to basics’ and put a dispirited organization back on track. The company was centralized and operated by putting increasing profit demands on its base businesses, especially outside the United State. And that is what Crane did.

Reuben Mark (1984 – till to date) - Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Colgate-Palmolive Company. He joined Colgate in 1963 and held a series of significant positions in the United States and abroad before being elected CEO in 1984. During the time, he announced that downgrading the company from a “buy” to a

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