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Case Study: Colgate Max Fresh (1)
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Situation Analysis, Apparent Issue, Important Facts, SWOT Analysis, Real Issue, Realistic Options, Recommendation, Expected Outcomes & Benefits, Method of Evaluation and closing remarks. Full Marks
10.0 pts Mostly Fulfilled Criteria
7.0 pts Somewhat Fulfilled Criteria
5.0 pts No Marks
0.0 pts pts
Research: Used Relevant Facts and Statistics, Used External Sources to Support Research Full Marks
3.0 pts Mostly Fulfilled Criteria
2.0 pts Somewhat Fulfilled Criteria
1.0 pts No Marks
0.0 pts pts
Understanding: demonstrated understanding of class materials/course material and relevant chapters. Able to apply knowledge from course to develop logical recommendation. Full Marks
3.0 pts
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launch six months prior. Burton needs to assess if the plans and costs to adapt the CMF marketing programs in each country would generate sufficient incremental sales and profits to justify the added complexity.
US Launch
The US toothpaste market - $2,438 million – with a growth rate of 8% since 2000, Table B in the case shows that CP and P&G are battling head to head competition for the 2004 value share of toothpaste market with 34.8% and 31.6% respectively. Colagate-Palmolive’s Global Market Share remained almost constant for 5 years, as shown in Table A, upsetting Crest’s former dominance. Exhibit 2A US Market Toothpaste Benefit Importance (1997), shows that therapeutic benefits; ‘Protection against cavities/contains fluoride’, ‘Reduces plaque build-up’, ‘controls tartar’ were listed at 1st, 2nd, and 4th places respectively, while the cosmetic benefits such as ‘Breath Freshening’ and ‘Whitens Teeth’ are at the 3rd and 5th places in must haves from the total respondents (1,216).
This shows that the US market is more concerned about the therapeutic benefits from their toothpastes in 1997, yet Exhibit 2B, shows that consumers from 2000-2004 the importance shifted from the therapeutic benefit : ‘anti-cavity/tartar’ at -22.7% while there is a growth in cosmetic benefits : ‘whitening’ at +16.4% and ‘freshening/cleaning’ at +2.9%. For 2004, therapeutic benefits total at 53.4% while cosmetic benefits add up to 46.6%. CMF’s success in the US

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