Colin Kaepernick 's Kneeling Protest

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Colin Kaepernick’s Kneeling Protest A big controversial topic going around in the news over the past few weeks has been Colin Kaepernick and his stand to end the hardship for people of color and police brutality in the United States. This silent stand started early this preseason when a number of different events involving people of color and police officers around the United States not getting along. However, this has started to become more publicized as more and more people in the National Football League have been joining in with Colin Kaepernick and taking a knee or sitting during the national anthem. This stand has become way more than a simple silent stand as many people around the nation are starting to voice their opinions on this subject. Even though everyone argues their thoughts on this subject. The president of the United States who is also the commander in chief for the United States military, Obama, has stated that everyone is strongly encouraged to stand during the playing of the countries national anthem. However he continued to say in a press conference with Cable News Network that Colin Kaepernick is exercising his constitutional rights of freedom of speech to do as he wishes during this time (Diaz, 2016). Although the nation is now divided upon whether this act of Colin’s is considered morally ethical or not, everyone has their very own personal preference to what is right. This is a very important subject to discuss because it is important for people to

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