Colin Powell: Military leader, Statesman Essay

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Colin Powell: Military leader, Statesman
The question of “What makes a leader great?” is without one solitary answer. Effective leaders in the corporate and political arenas are deserving of praise, but because of the nature of their work, military leaders are arguably more complex and intriguing.
“Military leadership qualities are formed in a progressive and sequential series of carefully planned training, educational, and experiential events—far more time-consuming and expensive than similar training in industry or government. Secondly, military leaders tend to hold high levels of responsibility and authority at low levels of our organizations. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, military leadership is based on a concept of duty,
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During a second tour of duty in the late 1960s, he was in a helicopter crash and, despite his own injuries, was able to rescue fellow soldiers from the burning wreckage. For his heroism, he was awarded the Soldier’s Medal, one of several commendations earned during his military career. The most notable leadership quality which Mr. Powell possesses is his humility and sincere desire to serve others before self.
“I never put chalk marks on the wall [that indicated] I’ve got to do this. I’ve tried to do my best at what has come my way…. I’m not without ambition, but I’m not driven by ambition. I’ve had a full and active public life.”

This trait sets him apart from other leaders. His viewpoints and thoughts regarding leadership set him among the top leaders in history, and with this labeling he has advised numerous military leaders as well as those in the civilian sector. With everything that Colin Powell has endeavored in he has exuded a sense of calm, an unwavering dignity, and intense preparation for any situation. Colin Powell has led in the military for nearly half a century, and is closing in on 20 years of leading as a civilian, since retiring from military service in 1993 . During his military career Powell has had a marked demeanor of composure which has shined through in every situation that has been presented to him. One specific example of this steadfastness is seen in his actions that garnered him the Soldier’s Medal, when even while wounded,
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