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Raymond W. Kelly Outline Callistus Wong COLL 148 August 5, 2013 Professor Joy Harrison DeVry University Raymond W. Kelly Outline I. Introduction A. Raymond W. Kelly New York City Police Commissioner B. Background: To become a good leader/role model C. Raymond W. Kelly is the current New City Police Commissioner and a former Colonel in the United States Marine Corps. Kelly has been apart of the New York City Police Department for over 40 years. Kelly is a primary candidate for replacing Janet Napolitano for Director of Homeland Security. D. Raymond Kelly is a great role model and leader to follow for my career field II. Policing and Security Management A. My career field is Security Management because…show more content…
Commissioner Kelly established a new global intelligence program that help drove down crime by 40% around the city. - NYPD New York’s Finest (unknown) (Retrieved on Aug 7, 2013) B. - Nelson, J. (1998) B. Raymond Kelly has outstanding leadership and knowledge on Policing 1. Leadership is a key to teamwork and developing vital life skills. - Prive, T. (2012) 2. Security Management requires a skill to identify possible threats or future threats to personnel and other things. V. My leadership and success traits are good listener and not to give up A. Ability to delegate and communicate Levitz, N (unknown) (Retrieved on Aug 7, 2013) 1. I have learned that I need some more self-confidence in my works. - Sherfield, Robert M., and Patricia G. Moody (2011) 2. These strengths can help me become a better leader for others to follow. 3. My plans to employ my strengths is by using my strengths to strengthen my weakness so I can develop better learning and studying skills. B. Area of weakness are self-confidence, commitment, and creatively. - Sherfield, Robert M., and Patricia G. Moody (2011) 1. Positive changes need to strengthen weakness is to work on my weakness with others so I can strengthen them. VI. Conclusion A. Raymond W. Kelly is my role model and leader because he has great leadership

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