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Communicating and Collaborating Effectively This paper focuses on effective communication and collaboration methods for people with Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory learning styles and with NF, SF, and ST personality types from the Myers-Briggs model. Learning Styles Kinesthetic learners are those who learn through experiencing/doing things that help them learn better. We do better when we include hands-on communication and collaboration activities, such as building models, drawing diagrams, writing on a flipchart or white-board, working with visual aids, and taking notes. Auditory get better grades learners learn best through hearing, have strong language skills, a well-developed vocabulary, and follow spoken directions well.…show more content…
Application for reproduction should be made in writing to The Copyright Unit, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, St Clements House, 2-16 Colegate, Norwich NR3 1BQ. First Published 2007. ISBN 978 1 84712 237 7 Views expressed in this report are not necessarily those of the Department for Work and Pensions or any other Government Department. Printed by Corporate Document Services. Contents iii Is this Essay helpful Web 2.0 In Business Are social networks effectives for doing business? Simply fashions? Actually, millions of people around the world or being more exact, most of the people around the world have became member of a social networking; moreover people have used this idea along the time to connote complex sets of relationships between members from interpersonal to international. Looking for a complete definition of social networking, I have found it defined it as a service provider of web applications that permit people connect between them and share contents, interact and create communities with similar interest in order to facilitate the relationships between users. In the other hand, we can find a place for social networks in business world in order to improve the information flow between companies related. Nowadays, companies and organizations are using social networks as a tool of success for their business. However, those companies and organizations are more directed
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