Collaboration Alongside Academic Mind Mapping

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Collaboration alongside academic mind mapping are important skills in university studies and within the workplace. Exploring and combining these skills is an integral part of creative success within the film industry as it relies on both the imagination of new ideas and the scale of staff to achieve them. From the exploration of thoughts and ideas in a mind map to the collective of professionals that envisage them, these skills are first formed in an educational environment. From a young age we gain social team skills, eventually refining them through experience at a university level. On a personal level the flow of creativity and exchange of ideas are arts within themselves and will be relevant through my studies and well into the future. The skill of mind mapping allows students to informally collate ideas and thoughts on a visual level. A crucial point of this ‘brainstorming’ that helps develop further meaning is that of networking. Linking ideas creates further understanding between topics. This adds exponential depth to writing as it demonstrates not only a basic understanding of singular concepts or ideas, but the links between others. In this case we really do have infinite possibilities as there are new emerging topics to relate to constantly. Therefore it represents a higher level of intellect as it shows students can take various perspectives and see the bigger picture, eventually forming a more well-rounded, multi-layered opinion with the knowledge to back it up.
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