Collaboration And Teamwork Among Health Care

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Introduction The capacity and disciplines sustaining human medicine and patient care overlap diverse fields. The reality of protecting, improving and providing care to patients in any the health care facility and or emergency room includes an effective relationship with an innovative radiology division (Columbia University Medical Center. (CUMC), (2015). Routinely, the emergency room works in direct partnership with the radiology, putting patient first in providing care. A patient admitted to the health care facility is typically under the care of a specific team of professionals who provide effective care by collaborating with other professionals in interrelated field of medicine. Collaboration and teamwork among health care…show more content…
Also, I discuss ways to avoid and resolve conflict, how to work as a team and collaborate with other departments, and ways to improve the process. Furthermore, how interdisciplinary relationships affect my organization and the patients and families that use our health care organization will be explained herein.

There are diverse interdisciplinary relationships in the health care system. Among these relationships include radiology, working in the emergency room, or working in a pharmaceutical company, functioning effectively as a team for best results. The marketing department needs to work together with the development department to ensure the provision of effective services, support and stability. As a medical discipline, Radiology utilizes images, via diverse physical agents and techniques including X-ray, radiography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography, magnetic fields to diagnose and treat diseases, ( ). Also, professionals make adequate use of intervention radiology (generally minimum invasive) medical procedures, aided by the use of imaging technology to diagnose and treat diseases. ( ).
Furthermore, X-ray of higher energy than required for imaging is used for radiation therapy. The radiation therapy makes use of ionization radiation (and no images) for the treatment of diseases, such as
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