Collaboration, Communication, And Case Analysis For Health Care Master 's Learners

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At the beginning of this course, “Collaboration, Communication, & Case Analysis for Health Care Master’s Learners”, I had a generalized definition of what a leader is. A leader is an individual who overlooks an organization. However, I learned that the definition of a leader or leadership is much more complex than that. An effective leader is ethical, sensitive to diversity, and has the ability to form strong relationships. Currently, I do not hold a professional leadership position. However, I am taking courses in the public health field and taking nursing classes to become an infection prevention nurse.
An infection prevention nurse works in either hospitals or clinics to help prevent infection spread from patient to staff and vice
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A contingent leader has the ability to adapt in many situations and displays characteristics that are beneficial to the health care field. I believe that the contingency style will give me the ability to adapt the transformational or servant style when I need to. Adaptability is important in the health care setting because the environment is always changing. The health of a patient can fluctuate in a matter of seconds, the availability of staff on board, and how quickly a disease will spread. Anything can happen and as a leader in this field it is important for me to expect the unexpected. A team or organization looks to the leader as someone the expert. A leader who is self-confident and enthusiastic has the ability to connect with the team. There is a level of trust being built because the leader believes in him/herself. There are times I second-guess or underestimate myself. A couple years ago I took an Emergency Medical Technician Basic course and during a practical test I was instructed to splint a hypothetical broken femur. I began the procedure and decided to start over halfway through the test because I doubted my skills. The instructor stopped me and instructed me to continue. After I completed the procedure the test instructor had told me that I had been doing the procedure correct the entire time and I need to be more confident in my
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