Collaboration, Communication, And Case Analysis For Health Care Master 's Learners

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At the beginning of this course, “Collaboration, Communication, & Case Analysis for Health Care Master’s Learners”, I had a generalized definition of what a leader is. A leader is an individual who overlooks an organization. However, I learned that the definition of a leader or leadership is much more complex than that. An effective leader is ethical, sensitive to diversity, and has the ability to form strong relationships. Currently, I do not hold a professional leadership position. However, I am taking courses in the public health field and taking nursing classes to become an infection prevention nurse.
An infection prevention nurse works in either hospitals or clinics to help prevent infection spread from patient to staff and vice versa. Their role is to educate other nurses and staff about various infection prevention methods. The infection prevention nurse has many roles; they are an educator, a researcher and a leader.
Leadership is a continuous learning process. There are situations where I have not been comfortable with the idea of holding a leadership position, however, I am also not a silent follower. Depending on the situation I can either be a leader or a follower. I am the type of leader who relies on my personal knowledge and experiences but I also rely on the input and knowledge of my team. I am not a perfect leader and I accept that. However, I am a good leader with strengths and weaknesses. Both my strengths and weaknesses are continuously being improved.…

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