Collaboration For Deter Youth Gang Violence

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Collaboration to Deter Youth Gang Violence
Collaborative Project Final Report
Douglas Immler, Tinamarie Knowlton, Jon Mast
University of South Florida
School of Public Affairs

Author Note This project was prepared for PAD 6934 Collaborative Governance, taught by Professor Robin Ersing.

In recent times, public officials, community groups and activists have expressed their concern over the growth of violence perpetrated by youth gangs. On their own, local governments are often restricted not only by budgetary constraints, but operating knowledge. There is evidence that when public officials and community groups are engaged, empowered and enlightened in a collaborative effort, change happens. When both the public and private sectors willingly cooperate together, deterrence of gang violence can be achieved. This paper delves into specific government programs that studies and provides information on gang violence. This information brings forward specific limitations and recommendations that a continued collaborative effort can deter youth gang violence.

Issue and Goal
When addressing public safety issues, one might assume that the most obvious approach encompasses an elementary and uncomplicated strategy involving strictly law enforcement practitioners. A seemingly straightforward approach however is in actuality nonexistent. While allocating additional resources (like personnel and physical security assets)
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