Collaboration In Healthcare

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As a clinic manager, I have seen where collaboration failed because of one untrustworthy team member. She was untruthful of her professional and medical background, and so was hired to work full time at a local clinic at BCW. While employed, she took to her personal needs, and failed to accomplish her responsibilities as a medical provider. This resulted in clinic closure due to financial down turn and other issues. Clearly, the employee was not a team player and was highly irresponsible as a professional. I was part of the hiring team that did not agree on hiring this person.

Today, with new leadership, I see a successful collaborative effort at work everyday. I see a team working full force to achieve the company’s common goal; and that is to provide, high quality, affordable care for all. Our leadership constantly exert their influence in to ensure that our team works as one to continue moving the organization forward.
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The differences are in leadership: successful collaboration is clearly evident with cohesive leadership, while inadequacy in leadership judgement can result in poor collaboration among team
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