Collaboration Of A Group Project

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Collaboration in a Group Tasked with a group project is not limited to the classroom setting, but also to the professional world. The key to a successful group project is often collaboration and there are a few steps that if followed can make a project successful. This supply chain group suffered through many different issues from the very start. Some great ideas were brought up in the beginning, but as soon as Dr. Wilson questioned an idea the group would change their mind. Both Bob and Stephanie brought up some ideas that if the group would have listened to them, they would have noticed these were good ideas for the project. Their ideas were quickly dismissed by the group. This was due to the groups’ insecurities in their own abilities to make the project successful. The lack of self-confidence in the group delayed the project even further because no one was willing to stand up for their ideas and push it forward. There remained no shared vision in the group, the only consensus they reached was that no one liked the format of the group project from a previous class. Trust in each other’s abilities was another challenge for the group. There were people who admitted that they did not trust anyone in the group to lead because no one had the experience they felt was necessary to make the group project a successful. The lack of trust among the group proved to be a hindrance in the take-off the project. The group ultimately chose Natalie as the group leader, after…
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