Collaboration Of Working As A Group Of People Versus An Independent Approach

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Collaboration of Professionals In many professions, it is better to solve problems by working as a group of people versus an independent approach. As a group, each individual works to achieve what he/she is specifically trained in and come together as one to share thoughts and opinions. The healthcare industry is one that does not function with the skills and thoughts of just one individual. Many people are responsible for one patient and the outcome; this is called inter-professional collaboration. Henneman et al. (1995) stated that “collaboration involves a partnership characterized by mutual goals and commitments in which participants willingly become involved in planning and decision making” (Alberto, 2009, para. 6). In order to have effective teamwork, many key components are necessary within the collaboration. A few examples include: respect for others, confidence in own knowledge, willingness to learn & negotiate, belief in a common purpose, tolerance of differing opinions, and not being threatened by conflict (Black, 2014, p. 190). Problems with collaboration One of the downfalls of working with multiple people is that more times than none conflict will occur. Sometimes the problem is with the communication. Not every person speaks in the same way as others and may interpret meanings differently. Another issue can occur when one may feel inferior to another. The collaboration involves all staff working together; the physician, nurse, physical therapist,
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