Collaboration Reflection

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Since Suyoung Kwon and I had shared the same interests in musculoskeletal disorder, we became as a team. We were the group number 2 of the presentation, the topic of the presentation entitled “Core Stabilization Exercise for Low Back Pain Patient”. Hard working together through 6 weeks, I felt the great meaning of the word as “COLLABORATION” and “SHARING” while I was working with my colleague. The following information will provide more information about our presentation. To start with, what worked well for me in the process of developing the presentation? In my viewpoint, I do believe that the effectiveness of “collaboration” and “sharing” is the important factor for developing delightful time not only for searching the articles, but also preparing the presentation. For example, prior start working, we tried to make a decision about the topic of literature review based on our areas of interest. Then, we shared our experiences and knowledge to set the goal of accomplishing the assignment along with applied the collaboration approach throughout working together. Therefore, collaboration and sharing are the essential factors for balancing team focus, appreciation of diversity, and effective…show more content…
Preparing for the presentation, we clarified our roles based on our strengthening and empowered each other and built confidence in our teamwork. Furthermore, we used the google docs program for preparing the sophisticated work slide presentation to transfer the article, table, diagram, and PowerPoint; the program is very useful for enhancing effective two-way communications. On the day presentation, I did sincerely appreciate the way we paid respect to each other ideas during the presentation; we tried to help each other and aimed at team’s goals. Hence, clarify roles, build trust, and pay respect to each other are the most important keys for a teamwork during the
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