Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited

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Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited
By: Christopher Folz Jr.
Instructor: Nancy Romero
Management Information Systems

Some companies try to implement new ideas and ways to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. This is a great idea for companies to increase the output of the product or service they are performing for the consumers. However, not everything goes so well when implementing new ideas. There are hardships that need to be overcome, the costs of implementing a new system can be overwhelming at first, and many others. I will describe to you some of the hardships of adding new groupware to a system that is already in place. Also have you ever wondered what a wiki does or what it could do
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This can cause problems for the company with the loss of potentially critical information that was needed for a project. As you can see there are many problems that can unravel just from using groupware. These problems are extreme but a good example is myself at work. I work for the Navy in a hospital for a basic training for the Marine Corps. We use groupware as a form for a follow-up log to determine which patients need to come back and on which day for their personal safety. Anyone that works in the hospital has access to this log. If someone was to go into it and delete the information it becomes potentially dangerous for the people involved in being erased if we cannot have them come back in. Luckily this does not happen, however not everybody likes the system and they do not implement the peoples name into the system. This can cause the superiors to get upset when it is not up to date than someone gets in trouble causing more work for everyone else in the clinic. It also reduces the morale of all the workers that do remember to add the names but now have to work harder because someone did not do their job. Even with all of these challenges it allows us to be more effective as a clinic and our efficiency is better with a lot less people being missed in coming in for a follow-up. A scorecard is a type of report that displays a collection of key performance indicators together with performance targets for each key performance indicators. These are usually a

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