Collaboration Vs Conflict

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Conflict is actually more beneficial to our lives then we think because it allows us to think critically and be productive in ways we are not used to. It builds a stronger foundation in working in team dynamics and helps improve the process in working in teams. Surprisingly I felt like working together was the easy part for the most part, even though we had some challenging moments, and the difficulty was in fact actually coming up with a scenario that incorporated all of our fields. We brainstormed various scenarios and finally came up with one that involved all of the disciplines. Then each of the disciplines shared how they would handle the situation, and in fact some members of the group were surprised by the different measures they would…show more content…
In my group it was interesting to watch the nurses and social workers talk about the perspectives of their fields. Donavan (1984) explains that even though both professions have such high education they lack an understanding of each other, which explains some of the arguments that occurred while composing the scenario. Blakey (2014) argues that when interdiscplinaries lack in collaboration this reflects the outcomes not only for each other but for the customers, clients, or patients that are depending on them. That is why it is crucial for professions to accommodate each other and work together to resolve any conflicts that may arise. In the group it was not like my way is the right way, everyone understood and respected how things were dealt with as each individual has strong knowledge and background of their field. That is why each of us took a moment and explained what their program is about and gained an understanding of what is expected of them and the policy and rules that are…show more content…
As Parker (2015) explains that cultural and social conflicts are universal and that conflict develops through competing interests that link to culturally shaped beliefs. Recognizing conflict in a group dynamic is the simple part but resolving it can be a challenge. As long as personal opinions and feelings are not involved it removes bias agendas or unresolved conflict. Working in a team with such diverse perspectives it was important for us not to get our personal feelings involved with our work. It is just like in the workforce where it is simply just business, were we share our perspectives on things based on our knowledge and skills. Thus whenever one is working with others it is important to be opened minded and willing to hear other peoples perspectives. Most times conflict arises when people don’t fully listen to each other, which is what happened a few times in the group. Their would be an idea and before the person can finish another member would shut it down, even though the idea may not be significant it is still important for each person to have a chance to fully explain their selves. This is simply respecting each other and cooperating
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