Collaboration in My Home Group

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My Contribution Paper Collaboration consists of a few fundamental components such as the willingness to listen and learn from each other, sharing one’s own ideas and perspectives, having respect for each other, working together to achieve a common goal, and being responsible for the self and the whole group. A group has to collaborate in order to deliberate and achieve their common goal because the three phases of deliberation: information gathering, decision-making, and reflection, all refer back to the ability to collaborate with each other. While working in a group, group members should always work toward the goal of becoming a good leader, “a person who makes the groups she or he works in better” (Practice Deliberation as Citizenship, Gene Edgar) by being a responsible and respectful group member, and also being someone who is willing to go the extra miles to make sure everyone in the group is feeling comfortable presenting their ideas in the group. While working in my Home group this quarter, we have came up with a few norms, such as do not interrupt when someone else is talking, be accepting of everyone’s opinion, debate ideas not people, help each other, be responsible for one’s own assigned roles and tasks, give everyone a chance to talk and participate, be flexible when doing group work, try to be on time, try to participate in each discussion topic, and be prepared before class. All of these norms tied back to the fundamental components of collaboration that
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