Collaborative Efforts To Establish A Positive Culture

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McEwan (2003) describes an effective principal as an individual who communicates and models strong and viable vision based on achievement, character, personal responsibility, and accountability. A plan of action should be communicated to staff members so they can have an understanding of the direction administrators want to take to develop teamwork. Without a plan of action, staff members and support staff would not have guidance to lead them in creating a safe and orderly environment. A safe and orderly environment is a byproduct of a school with a thriving positive culture. Culture builders understand and appreciate the power of culture. It is beneficial to administration to have staff members and support staff members accept the vision provided by school officials. Some veteran teachers and veteran administrators still believe the way teaching and learning was done a few decades ago is still productive today, however, these methods are not…show more content…
I think anyone who sees a school as an institution of learning will know it is a learning environment and will conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Administrators, teachers, and parents will have a collaborative relationship which will benefit student achievement. Collaborative relationships with stakeholders on one accord would be a sign of shared values and beliefs by the majority. I believe in my district, too much emphasis is placed on the vacant teaching position instead of the reason the teaching position is vacant. The administration is not questioning why the teachers leave; they simply send more without an explanation to why they are not returning. This year alone, we lost three excellent teachers, two English teachers and one exceptional education teacher, due to their lack of confidence in our building level administrator. This makes it hard to accept the district is serious about creating student success when it is not being
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