Collaborative Essay

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When you are writing collaboratively, how does one determine whether an argument represents one's own position? Sticking to your position while writing collaboratively can be tricky, often times it can be downright impossible. To ensure that one maintains its own position it is important to know well and to constantly stick to your position. You can pretty well guarantee that your portion of the paper is a reflection of yourself and your views by sticking by them and being sure to give support for those ideas. On the other hand what is it that causes or allows a team member to support an argument that he or she does not find credible? Does this lack of individual support weaken the final paper? Why or why not? You may not find the issue a…show more content…
A topic some find hard is what are the correct methods of peer review to do the best job of evaluating the quality of a paper's argument? I feel that the professional peer review will do the best job at evaluating the quality of a paper’s argument. Professional peer review focuses on the performance of professionals, with a view to improving quality, upholding standards, or providing certification("Peer Review", 2012). This is because a professional peer review goes over every inch of that paper and does not skip a beat. If any method of peer review should be able to break down the quality of a paper it would be this one. The attention to detail is what sold me on this decision, paying much close attention ensures that an argument is heard not just passed along the line of other mindless zombies of our day.Whenever you are writing collaboratively, what is the best processes for making sure sections of a project written by different team members are logically consistent? When writing collaboratively it is always good to split up the tasks within a team. The team should state what they will be doing as a person and what task are they each in charge of. This should include what the final assignment should be and how it will all come together. It is always good to let the team know about the deadline of the assignment and how often should they post their work and how it is coming along.Now how does the process of evaluating a team paper for plagiarism differ
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