Collaborative Learning Strategies

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Iqbal, M. J; Kousar, N; Ajmal, M. 2011. Vol. 3 Issue 4. Retrieved from International Journal of Academic Research. Collaborative Learning Strategies. This research identified the application of collaborative learning strategies as well as highlighted the area of the application of collaborative learning. Collaborative learning is a process in which two or more students work together. Collaborative strategies can be used in planning, translating and reviewing the distance education process to have a better product. This source will be useful in my research to help explain how collaborative learning strategies in the classroom will help students in the learning process improve by interaction, how positive interdependence of collaborative learning leads to common responsibility, how collaborative learning builds students’ self-esteem and confidence in students.
Tanner, B. M.; Bottoms, G.; Feagin, C.; Bearman, A, 2003, Southern Regional Education Board, Atlanta, GA. Retrieved from htt:// Instructional Strategies: How Teachers Teach Matters. Cooperative Learning This guide is designed to help teachers use various teacher-directed and student-centered strategies to increase students' involvement in and responsibility for their own learning, focusing on instructional strategies that aligned to course standards, students are actively engaged, teachers plan collaboratively, and administrators
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