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Collaborative Marketing Plan Sony Corporation Group 3 Collaborative Marketing Plan Sony Corporation Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Company Description 2 3. Strategic Focus and Plan 3 Mission Goals Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage 4. Situation Analysis 5 SWOT Analysis Industry Analysis Competitor Analysis Company Analysis Customer Analysis 5. Market-Product Focus 10 Marketing and Product Objectives Target Markets Points of Difference Positioning 6. Marketing Program 11 Product Strategy Price Strategy Promotion Strategy Place Strategy 7. Financial Data and Projections 16 Past Sales Revenue Five-Year Projections 1. Executive Summary Sony…show more content…
In addition to electronics, Sony Corporation is an entertainment company that pioneers in motion pictures, music, and financial services. Many subsidiary companies exist under Sony Corporation including Sony Electronics Inc. which is the largest component of Sony Corporation of America. Sony Electronics Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, CA and is the holding company for Sony's U.S. based electronics and entertainment businesses. Sony Electronics is currently in the process of developing a new product called Tracker Stickers and is very excited about the future success of these innovative, high-quality products. 3. Strategic Focus and Plan Mission Sony has the vision to lead the AV/IT industry by providing the most cutting edge innovations in all emerging and existing markets. Sony prides itself in leading the industry as a benchmark setter for research and development, while providing products at the most economical price for consumers. Part of the mission and vision of Sony is to dominate the market by streamlining its global operations in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize profits for the shareholders. The new comprehensive marketing and management strategy will focus on five main initiatives in order to achieve Sony’s mission to be the leader in the technology industry and provide the most return for both customers and stakeholders. The five initiatives focus on aggressively strengthening Sony’s core

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