Collaborative Teaming Glue Inclusive Schools

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When two or more people work together to achieve a common goal they form a collaborative team. With collaborative teaming student with a disability can be included in a general education environment. Collaborative teaming glue inclusive schools together by serving all students despite their abilities. In collaborative teaming special educational programs are planned and implemented to support individual students (King-Sear et al., 2015). Mrs. Smith and her paraeducator will fill many functions of an inclusive program such as facilitating social interaction among the students. As a team the two teachers will assist each other in the reduction of barriers in practicing inclusive programs, encourage each other, building a strong peer support as well as designing a well-coordinated plan to ease student translation between classes, grade school, college and job and in embedding related services in the school day. For the two team members Mrs. Smith and her paraeducator to effectively achieve their common goal they must believe in each other. That is every member of the team has needed, and special expertise and they must collaboratively combine their expertise for them to provide full support and care to all the students. Furthermore, the two teachers should demonstrate parity to achieve this they must participate as learners and teachers. They should also distribute leadership functions to all the thirty students including those with disabilities. This will enable each of them

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