Collaborative Working Environments Have Played a Big Role in the Present Global Business Environment

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Collaboration is a working method whereby employees work together to a similar purpose of achieving a business benefit. Collaboration can also be the ability to operate together in business to enhance performance and results. The combination of a number of factors may assist or steer collaboration to attain business results, via empowerment and technology.

Globalization is a quickly developing incorporation of economies and societies around the globe, leading to rising connectivity, combination and interdependence in the social, technological, economical, and political spheres. It is comprised of growing mobility of products, services, capital, labor and technology. Primary forces spearheading globalization are the loosening of markets
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Global collaboration
Globalization transforms the business environment as it modifies the factors influencing the attractiveness of markets and transforms the strategies that are efficient to compete in those markets. For example, large motor companies are continually becoming sensitive to the pressures of international markets to cope with the shortened life cycles of vehicles, increasingly innovative models, and adaptation to evolving customer demands. Products are progressively becoming more complex and require higher level skills and integration of services. Manufacturing companies deal with this situation by introducing networks of advanced suppliers that are capable of operating across the whole life product cycle and across distinct generations of a goods innovation. Such moves are based in new market models governing collaboration. For example, when a firm is involved in a business where all the competitors and many clients are international players. Therefore, this firm considers globalization as a primary goal. The company adopts various organizational approaches to support collaboration on a distance e.g. generally unifying meetings and team building programs. For collaboration tools, the firm prepares for an international collaborative working space surrounding in addition to the collaboration tools being used such as Lotus Notes, blogs and wikis.

The company manufacturing the Smart Car serves consumers in many countries.
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