Collage History

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The term collage came around in the beginning of the twentieth century by George Braque and Pablo Picasso when it became a distinctive part of the modern art world, it is created by using materials such as paper, card, newspaper and magazine clippings, tissue paper and photographs placed together onto a piece of paper or canvas and stuck down to create a completely new image. Collages have also often been used in different types of art such as cubism and wood work and other types of paintings. It was first introduced around 200 BC when the invention of paper came around in China; however it wasn’t used by many people until around the tenth century when calligraphers experimented by gluing paper, while using the texts onto surfaces when they were writing their poems. The technique was…show more content…
One of her photomontages named ‘The Beautiful Girl’ was created using clippings of car parts such as the BMW logo that is repeatedly used in the background, which suggests the comparison between superficial female progressive trends and the rapid progress of the industrial trends. In the centre of the collage is an image of a woman wearing a bathing suit with parts of her body missing, such as her head which has been replaced by a light bulb and above the light bulb is an oversized cut out piece of what was considered a modern woman’s hairstyle at the time. Surrounding the image of the woman is more mechanical objects such as a tire with a boxer which has been made to seem like its coming out of the tire, mechanical car parts and an oversized hand that is dangling a pocket watch and a face of a woman that has been distorted. The reason for her distorting and removing parts of the face is her representation of how females felt about their identities at the
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