Collapse Of The Mayan Civilization

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Patricia Licea-Chavez 10/27/14 History 2 Collapse of the Mayan Civilization There were multiple reasons for the collapse of the Mayan civilization. Some of these reasons are environmental damages/overpopulation, natural disasters, and warfare.(The) Out of these the most likely reason for their collapse was war. (Cartwright) Within this war there were also the battles that were going on within its civilization, the offerings that they made to their gods, and the campaigns to resist the Spanish conquest. In the beginning the Mayans were thought to be a very peaceful civilization. It was also a rare occasion when they got into an altercation with another tribe. But recently historical anthropologists have discovered new meanings to the inscriptions on the stonework on the Mayan site of Dos Pilas. These new finds have told us that the Mayans were very violent people. The Mayans thought that war was very important because it gave them prestige when they took over neighboring city-states and captured prisoners to either enslave or make them sacrifices. One of the rituals the Mayas had was to give offerings to their gods. They would fight amongst themselves, while Venus was in sight. Venus was supposed to bring signs of destruction and mess up the government. The Mayans would also sacrifice themselves by playing a game, the ball game. This spiritual game was played with decapitated heads used as the ball. The game was also a “sequel” to triumphant battle. The enslaved soldiers
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