Collecting Data In Nursing

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As a nurse, I am always using various methods to collect data from my patients and their family. Collecting data is one of the primary roles in nursing. In order to effectively treat our patients, we must obtain information regarding their health care, concerns, goals, and expectations. There are many types of data collections and the researcher must decide on the best method to use regarding the information they would like to obtain. The purpose of this post is to discuss one of the methods available to collect data and give an example. I will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using this particular method in research. The method that I have decided to discuss is the self-report method. An example of using this method, during my nursing practice, is when I open up a new start patient. I interview my patient using both open and closed-ended questions regarding their complete health history. Although there are two methods to self-reporting, interviews and questionnaires, I am only going to discuss interviewing, since it pertains to my example. Using the self-report method, the patient or their family will answer questions during a face-to-face interview (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2014), in order for me to assess their needs and devise a care plan. This subjective method is used often in nursing when results are needed that…show more content…
Any method used can have advantages and disadvantages, but it is the role of the researcher to provide the best research method, in an unbiased way, in order to produce substantial information needed regarding their patient. This information is a vital part of the nursing assessment process, and in my example above, will help me determine the care plan to be implemented for the patient to receive the best and safest care. By understanding the strength and weaknesses to each type of method, we are able to provide better care to each of our
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