Collection Of Data By Organizations

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Collection of data is approached mainly by well-documented technique i.e., focus groups. Assembling small groups for free flowing of particular topics representing them as "a way to better understand how people feel and think about an issue". Focus groups combine set of insights which are not recorded and the insights with better understandings throughout different groups. Hence, Focus groups proving itself for solving different SPI programs faced by companies and staff groups.
The table 1 below shows the focus groups divided by staff.

As we mentioned we have conducted 49 focus groups.
Companies were selected who largely responded to a detailed questionnaire giving broad information about their organizations maturity, development methods. Each focus group is continued for 90 minutes which includes 4-6 members. Then based on the previous focus groups senior managers, developers and project managers were divided into separated focus groups. Therefore, the 12 companies represent the 45 focus groups:
• 19 developer focus groups.
• 17 project manager focus groups.
• 9 senior manager focus groups.

3.3 Qualitative Data Analysis
Each focus groups are enquired for the problems and issues faced with SPI programs in software development in their companies. Investigation resulted the group of software development problems by analysis with discussions by experts through categorizing the problems with development in interpretation and intentions of…
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