Collections in a Museum Essay

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‘Imagine you were in charge of a museum’s collecting policy. What would you chose to collect and how would you justify these decisions?’

Collections play a crucial role in fulfilling a museum’s mission and purpose. A museum’s collection is defined by its collection policy past and present which in turn helps to shape the museum’s goals and direction. As stewards of collections, museums are expected to maintain the highest professional standards legally and ethically.

The development of written policies are necessary to govern the management of collections and to establish the museum's collections related activities to support its mission and guide the priorities and decision-making of its governing authority and its staff.

A museum’s collections policy also validates the museum's commitment to care for and manage its collections properly to the highest standards to fulfil its public trust responsibilities as a steward of collections.
Collection policy
Collection management policy defines the scope and limits of museum’s collection and establishes standards and guidelines for its acquisition, accessioning, access deaccession, documentation, conservation, loans, security and management.
“A policy is useless if it is outdated, ignored, too complex to be followed, too simplistic to be useful, or does not serve the museum’s mission. […] Good policies help the museum achieve its mission and demonstrate its commitment to professional standards and best practices.”…

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