Collections in a Museum Essay

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‘Imagine you were in charge of a museum’s collecting policy. What would you chose to collect and how would you justify these decisions?’ Introduction Collections play a crucial role in fulfilling a museum’s mission and purpose. A museum’s collection is defined by its collection policy past and present which in turn helps to shape the museum’s goals and direction. As stewards of collections, museums are expected to maintain the highest professional standards legally and ethically. The development of written policies are necessary to govern the management of collections and to establish the museum's collections related activities to support its mission and guide the priorities and decision-making of its governing authority and its staff.…show more content…
A mission statement helps guide priorities and decision-making. Assessment must be done to determine the current strengths and weaknesses of the existing collection. Any proposed acquisitions should be able to address the limits in the existing collection or plug any gaps in the collection. The acquisition strategy should ensure that objects to be accepted or otherwise acquired for museum collection shall enhance and reflect the immediate and long term goals of the museum. The focus of acquisitions should be to address conspicuous weakness in the current collection. At the National Museum of Singapore, one of the conspicuous weaknesses includes objects which represent the minority communities in Singapore, hence the need to acquire artefacts that address this gap. The current collection is insufficient for presenting a balanced and objective narrative on the subject. The museum will strive to acquire artefacts and specimens that generally are complete and in good condition, and for which provenance is well documented regarding its history. All potential acquisitions must be thoroughly researched in regards to their provenance, including proof of ownership prior to acquisition. Acquisitions must not violate any international laws or conventions and rights of the country. The Museum should only acquire if it has the resources to provide for storage, protection and preservation of the objects under conditions that assure their
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