Essay about Collective Barganing

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Collective Bargaining John Hayles J00655937 Chapter 1(nothing assigned) Chapter 2 1) Pure/ simple unionism- had two major objectives. The primary objective was economic betterment of the organizations members. Gommpers believed the truth or essence, of labor unions should be measured in terms of their economic accomplishments 2) Closed shop-for an employee to obtain a job the employee must first become a member of a union prior to or upon employment and was made unlawful by lmra in 1947 3) Company union-provided another substitute for an employee controlled independent union 4) Dual unionism-is the development of a union or political organization parallel to and within an existing labor union. In some cases, the term may refer…show more content…
Once identified, employees would then be discharged and possibly blacklisted, meaning that their names would be placed on a list that was circulated to other employers in the area,, who would then refuse to hire anyone whose name appeared on the list I do not believe any of the stated policy or plans stated above would be legal in today’s society. 5. Discuss some key similarities and differences between the AFL and CIO? Major disagreement occurred within the AFL over organizing the growing number of semi-skilled employees in the labor force. Tremendous technological shifts occurred during semi-skilled employees in the labor force. Many of the AFL unions did not want to enroll semi-skilled production employees. Some AFL leaders thought that a separate union would be needed for each company’s or industry’s product. The union membership increased dramatically in the 1930’s and 19*40’s that had five factors to account for the growth of the unions during that period of strong leadership, realistic goals, effective use of the sit down strik tactic, passage of the National Labor Relations act, and changes in employees’ attitudes toward a more favorable view of the union. Chapter 3 1) Affirmative Action-necessary to provide a make whole
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