Collective Rights

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* Collective rights are rights Canadians hold because they belong to one of several groups in society. They are rights held by groups (peoples) in Canadian society that are recognized and protected by Canada’s constitution. Those groups include Aboriginals, Francophone and Anglophones.
Treaty 6, 7, 8 states that the aboriginals could have health care, education, hunting and fishing rights, reserves, farming assistance, payments annuities, and special benefits. All in return for the first nations to share their land and agree to obeying the government. * Having the government, and the first nations agree to these terms is very important because first nations are their own people and deserve to be treated as such. First Nations *
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Unresolved issues of trauma and abuse that occurred in the residential schools have caused others to struggle with psychological disorders
Loss of cultural identity, language, traditions and spiritual growth development which caused a deep loss and confusion.
Poor bonding with loved ones. Children were taken from their parents, grandparents and communities.
Inadequate communication skills and poor expression of feelings. Residential School Survivors were not allowed to assert themselves as they were subjected to an oppressive system.
Inability to trust others, often becoming indifferent towards loved ones as Residential School Survivors were violated and a serious breach of trust occurred, causing distrust in authority figures.
Poor decision-making and behavioral difficulties. Not knowing a sense in how one behaves in any given situation that causes a threat. Residential School Survivors were subjected to military-like conditions.
Intergenerational losses has created dependency roles and underdevelopment of personal growth amongst Aboriginal people, their families and communities
Good work ethics were developed during the Residential School era, many Survivors have stated their experiences assisted in their ability to perform physical tasks and do chores that were determined with strict rules and

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