College Accreditation Research Paper

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Accreditation Research Project
April 25, 2011

Being accredited is how an institution is recognized as a university having a legitimate degree program. The value of the degree you receive is based upon accreditation, college ranking, and the perception of the institutions image in organizations and society. As my problem statement I would like to find out what the value of accreditation is, what it takes to become accredited, maintain accreditation, and why some degrees from accredited institutions are not recognized by other institutions and business organizations. Some research objectives I would like to achieve would be to find out if the loss of credits in the transfer from school to school is due to different
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According to an article written in the New York Times, and quoted in a higher education watchdog website, “scores of students are dropping out of the University of Phoenix, the largest chain of for-profit colleges in the country, fed up because their academic experiences bear no resemblance to the promises that were made to them by duplicitous recruiters. Most of these students are leaving hugely indebted. Contributing to the poor graduation rate, current and former students who studied at University of Phoenix campuses or online complained of instructional shortcuts, unqualified professors, and recruiting abuses” (Burd, 1). There are some business organizations that do not recognize them as a credible education system. For example, I worked for the insurance company Geico, and they offered tuition reimbursement if you attend an accredited university. However because of their unorthodox style of teaching, and not being a traditional four year university, they did not recognize them as a legitimate university and would not reimburse any tuition.
All of the accrediting organizations are overseen by an organization called CHEA, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. CHEA ensures that all the regulations and standards are uniform throughout the agencies, and based on their definition, all the organizations should
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