College Admissions : Being A Senior

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College Admissions Being a senior in high school I have a lot of pressure on me to graduate with honors as well as finding the right college for me. These four years of high school have seemed like they have flown by. I cannot even begin to believe that I am graduating in five months, let alone becoming an adult. Although, it does seem crazy that I have come all this way already, I am ready to further my education in college and finally pursue a career I have wanted to do since sixth grade. Sports have always been the center of my life, I feel as though I cannot be happy without them. I knew from a young age that when I got old I still wanted to be involved in sports in some way. That’s when I found out about physical therapy. I knew that physical therapist help people with sports injuries I decided right then that, that was what I wanted to be. I have also always been able to learn fast and easily get good grades. My parents are both in the medical field, and were the ones who inspired me to pursue this profession. As I get older, I have done more research on the career and know that it will take several years of college to become a physical therapist. Now I have decided that I want to just be a physical therapist assistant because I want to start a family as soon as I can and only having four or five years of college will make it easier to start a family and still have a great job doing what I love. Before I get too far ahead of myself, I have to figure out my college…
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