College Admissions Essay-80 Years Of My Life

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08/01/ 2075
My life now- 80
So, I made it, 80 years ago at Dunedin public Hospital I was born, of course my memories of that time were based on the words of mother, I came into this world covering my face, singing the song of the new-born, this was the beginning in my journey. I think I better begin by discussing how it feels to be 80, I think the my obvious change is in my appearance, I can tell you now that even all the Olay in the world will not bring the elasticity back to my face, the winkles sneak up, just like Christmas, when each year goes by another wrinkle will be in its place, comfortably sitting there as remined of joyful and at times melancholy moments our life which shaped and influenced us, I have grown with this face, I look in the mirror and see myself as I am and who I was. I feel
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My daughter and my grandchildren live here and do visit me often, but she is working during the day and do not want to bother her on her days off having to cart me around. I would like to move to an area that is more central, with a better bus route so I could to my fitness classes at the physio pool and to my fortnightly catch ups for coffee with my friends, go to the comitiee meeting and visting my daughter and my grandchildren. These are the things I love and do now but it is too expesive to move at the moment. Since the cut of superannuation being made reliant on my kiwisaver for my regiment fund has had its restrictions, I have had to make a spending budget each week since my retirement in 2062, I have manged to comfortably, but living in area that has restricted my accessibility to get out in the community and socialised with people I care about. The older I get the more think about whats next, is there anything after death or is that it? Once our soul/life-force leaves us do we contuine to exist in another dimension? When I was young I did not give these questions much thought, I would like to think that we exsist
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