College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Motorcycle Engineer

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Numbers and science fascinated me since I can remember. I was always amazed with how much sense they make. My earliest memories were counting to my mom and her asking me multiplication test questions, before I knew any letters. Questions like how planes fly or soccer balls curve intrigued me long before my first science class. My favorite TV show was teaching kids physics. Other kids wanted to become policemen, firemen, or superheroes. I wanted to be a “Motorcycle Engineer.” I did not know what that imaginary job entailed but thought motorcycles were “cool” and loved math and sciences which were somehow related to whatever “engineers” do.

In middle school I was in a project, building driving cars from legos and writing simple software how they should drive and react after hitting obstacles. Although, these were simple programs and robots, they fascinated me like nothing else and I knew this was what I wanted do with my life. Since my senior year of high school I work at MetroPCS, where I regularly fix phones, doing things from exchanging broken screens to fixing software issues of people that ruined their phones
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We discuss ideas of computer science, learn new concepts, work on projects, and have programming challenges. One of my biggest hobbies is reading and watching online lectures about computer science, how to do certain things and on math and other sciences. I do all these things because I am intellectually curious and want to understand how everything works, from my computer plug, to the CPU, to how Siri understands me when I ask if I need an umbrella and knows whether I do. I hear of engineers and computer scientists work on driver-less cars, programs and robots helping doctors diagnose and operate and I want to work on projects like these. That is why I chose computer science and engineering. It incorporates everything I am passionate about and lets me work on projects I am fascinated
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