College Admissions Essay: A Career As An Art Museum

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Growing up I was always fascinated by history. I like to imagine my love of history was passed on to me by my grandmother who was both a history major and a history teacher; however, I was never able to genuinely connect with her since she had already passed years before I was born. No matter the case, I reciprocated her passion. I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that involved a more hands on approach appertaining to history aside from teaching. Therefore, I concluded I wanted to ultimately work in a museum. An opportunity to shadow a museum director, a position I hope to be in one day, truly exposed me to that specific environment and sealed my determination like never before in regards to my future. Mr. Montgomery is the museum director at a local history, art, and industrial museum. I reached out to…show more content…
I thought about the last time I had been to an actual museum and it occurred to me that the only time I had actually been to one was for a field trip in elementary school to a prestigious art museum. Although I immensely appreciate art, one can imagine the elation I felt knowing I would be given a personal tour and the chance to discuss future job opportunities. The thought of delving into this atmosphere made me feel giddy causing me to get ready hours before I was expected to be at the museum. I spent this time writing down thoughts and potential questions I could ask because I wanted to leave no stone unturned. I ended up with a bountiful list consisting of sporadic, deliberate, and imperceptibly wise questions. I wanted to come off as sharp and efficient rather than someone who was nervous and incompetent, though that was closer to how I internally felt. I left fifteen minutes prior to me having to be at the museum, I knew I lived nearby and could probably make it there within five minutes; however, I was taught that being early was a sign of punctuality thus would give off a better
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