College Admissions Essay: A Career In Music

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Music has been a passion of mine for many years. The sonic power of frequency captivates me entirely along with the depth of theory that goes behind it all. Nothing is as integrated with art, human expression, and science as music is. You have sound and frequency as itself, and then the physical, tangible applications that allows us humans to harness and mold the sound into whatever we want. I have been playing music since I was young, and as time passed I grew more curious about the way things around me worked. I began to wonder how the tools of the art work. This curiosity has driven myself to knowing the ins and outs of the physical realm within the music world. I want to know how the amplifiers that I use on a day to day basis function.…show more content…
I have grown tired of just playing music and would like to explore the mechanics of the art in hope to be able to craft amplifiers for many reasons. Reasons benefiting myself presently, and hopefully for the future. I am fond of the idea of having a project (in this case, an amplifier) that I’ve worked on for hours, a project that I’ve put my brain, my body into, and coming out with a polished, final outcome. You would know how every little piece cohesively worked with one another, making the system whole. That whole idea really fascinates me and inspires me to delve deep into the subject of electronics for musical purposes. Other purposes being, if I knew how to build amplifiers, I could tweak them, and customize them to my own preferences. I could make the amplifiers sound how I want them to sound. If I knew all the knowledge that I would need to create them, I would have one hundred percent creative freedom within my craft. Another reason I wish to pursue this skill is in hopes that I will one day be able to profit off of the amps that I create. I love this concept for the idea of being my own boss and being self-sustainable…show more content…
Building amplifiers requires knowledge on electronics and math. There are multiple books that I could gain this information from, as well as the vast depths of the internet. Aside from instruction manuals and the internet I am going be forced to delve into the subject at hand due to the fact that I will be studying electronics at NMU. The major that I have chosen, Electrical Technology, pertains to my ambitions that I have elaborated on previously. According to NMUs website, the Electrical Technology program requires me to take multiple courses learning the general foreground of electronics. I will also be required to take a trigonometry course, a physics course, as well as my choice of a concentration course. (“Programs”, I will definitely concentrate on General Electronics due to the fact that I have no interest in learning how large industrial machines function, as well as the fact that the General Electronics concentration seems to pertain to my ambitions more than the others within the parameters of my
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