College Admissions Essay: A Passion For Story Telling

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I am a Pakistani American with a passion for story telling. I believe in the power of truth and its relation to the storyteller. My initial attraction to the medium of acting was caused having a platform from which to be honest and direct without any fear of being judged or criticized.

In Pakistan and the U.S. I went through positive and negative experiences. Some of these were related to the joys of being with people as they empowered my being, while others were related to persecution when I was excluded and bullied in school and workplaces. I learned that through acting one can become a variety of people, expressing their emotions while helping the audience to see themselves in the stories; to learn, grow and make this world a better
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There was upheaval and growing opposition to singing, dancing and acting. As a result, when I finally obtained a visa, I moved to the U.S. to follow my passion for acting and theater and to make it my lifetime career.

When I arrived in the U.S., I faced a cultural shock. Although I had grown up speaking English, I discovered that American English, colloquial expressions, idioms and literature were all different than what I grew up with. So I attended several acting programs to polish my instrument in the context of American acting as well as to learn about the literature, human struggles and stories that have shaped the history and development of American theater.

In the U.S., I have successfully played several roles depicting people of color as well as roles which have traditionally been played by American and British males. An example was my portrayal of Jerry from the play Betrayal by Harold Pinter.
I feel privileged to mention here that I have felt accepted and encouraged by my theatrical colleagues in the U.S. I have been supported and welcomed by my fellow actors and directors as I performed a wide diversity of roles. I am really interested in studying at Yale's summer session and would especially value the training being offered by the Yale faculty in the fundamentals of acting. I believe that the teachers and students at Yale would enhance my awareness of my craft and its utilization in U.S. theater, television
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