College Admissions Essay: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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Sweet Carolyne I am an awkward, nerdy self-proclaimed non-conformist who lives behind a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. You can find me sporting distressed denim, earth tone tank tops and my beat up Converse All-Stars. I capture life’s fleeting moments with my sunflower yellow Polaroid camera. I am a lover of laughter and a purveyor of puns. The smallest things bring tears to my eyes; I am not afraid to show my emotions through my obvious facial expressions. My height is five feet two inches; my shoe size is 7; my green eyes are outlined with an amber circle; my hair is brown and wavy. I look up to everything and down at nothing. I write with my right hand but draw better with my left. My life is a tangled, extensive web of emotions…show more content…
Literature is my one true love; mayonnaise is my ultimate bane and the word “aesthetic” is my current obsession. I’m a one-time field hockey star, a two-time ultimate Frisbee captain, a three-time medalist of the National French Exam and a four-time junior middle-weight champion in pizza consumption. I’m going to dance, with or without music. I’m a dedicated student by day and a Buzzfeed aficionado by night. I spend my weekends folding denim to perfection and then organizing it by hue. I have sold my soul to music and have learned to leave my insecurities behind. I know where Waldo is. Always. I adore flowers in every way—planted firmly in the ground, in a vase at my grandma’s or woven through my hair. I find myself lost in the beauty of language. Beautiful words poke my heart and touch my soul. Shakespeare and Chopin are writers who inspire me and I aspire to be. I am nothing short of mesmerized by art and the qualities it holds. My years at an all-girls’ school have empowered me—I believe in me and the power of my dreams. I am a proud member of the women’s advocacy club. Promoting equality for all is my passion. I plan to travel the world and immerse myself in every culture to deepen my understanding of life. My search for self-identity has left me questioning, and I know I will find my answer in the small, forgotten corners of the world, even if I am
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