College Admissions Essay: A Place That Changed My Life

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"Youth is everlasting if you feed your soul with much love and many adventures," a phrase I have claimed my entire life. I have traveled across the seven seas, from the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, to the snowy tundra of the Italian alps. I have studied traditional Indian art and learned to play the tabula under the tree canopies of Karola, India. I have hiked to a cliff's edge to watch humpback whales migrate through Queensland, Australia. I have payed homage to my religious ancestors at the western wall in Jerusalem, Israel. I mention a few of the places I have traveled not because they describes who I am, but because my adventures have created the person you see today. Seeing the world has struck passion in my heart and curiosity in my mind.…show more content…
My GPA is no eyebrow raiser, though I've maintained at least a 3.5 through all honors and AP courses. My mind contrasts from a left brained math and technicality one. I am versed in all subjects though I much prefer to spend a class experimenting or making art rather than sitting in a desk and learning theorems. I love to create because when I do, my imagination has no boundaries. My skills range from drawing to photography and everything inbetween. Growing up on the island of Key West, an environment flourishing with art and culrutre, my artistic hobby grew into a passion. I have a blog called Cruising Conch where I post photographs I have captured on my
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