College Admissions Essay Assignment: Career Day

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Tanashie Jacquecin
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Career Day assignment
On Thursday, October 27, 2016, I was one of many students who attended the Delaware States Career Fair. I decked out in my professional attire, had my resumes and business cards, and was ready to go. But when I went in there, I felt like I was going to threw up. I thankfully was able pull myself trough and was able to talk to a couple of booths. Three to be exact. But those three are the ones that really stood out to me.
The First one I went to was the Department of state booth, and let me tell you, they had a lot of information. I was pretty nervous. She was already talking to another student and I felt awkward about butting in. Eventually she noticed me, and we started talking. There is
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I went there because I know I want to get my master degree an international relation. But I wanted to get my degree overseas in places like Australia, Germany, China, France because it’s cheaper or free. So, I never really thought about getting my masters in state because I never really had to pay for school before. I really want to keep that pattern going. They told me about a Fellowship program and scholarships that I can apply for but I would still be paying. But getting my masters is still a goal, I just have more options when it comes to schooling.
The final both that I went to was the Peace Core both. I actually want to join the peace core one day, the problem is, I don’t know what time should I actually do it. The peace core representative understood that and gave me some ideas. The one idea that really stood out for me was a Fellowship program. In this program, I join the Peace Core for two years after getting my under grad, then after those two years, the Peace Core will pay for my masters. That’s a really good deal and I’m seriously considering it.
Even though I went to only three booths that day, I believe that I got a lot out of Thursday’s career fair. I talked to people who can help get my graduate degree as well as possible career
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