College Admissions Essay: Can We Help Everyone?

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President Ronald Reagan said, “We can’t help everyone. But everyone can help someone.” I understood the true essence of these words at an early age, while taking care of my grandmother suffering from Parkinson’s disease as the hospitals neither had facilities nor did family members have nursing expertise. My grandmother’s helplessness inspired me to volunteer in the community to provide free medical services for the destitute children and so on. Furthermore, while volunteering with an NGO that dealt with underprivileged children with multiple disabilities and autistic syndrome disease (ASD), I met a fifteen year old girl diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy who spent most of her time wheelchair bound. She was prescribed daily exercises in a traditional walker to avoid muscle atrophy. But, the painful pressure points in the walker discouraged her from walking. Moreover, I felt that conventional methods helped little when it came to children with ASD who were verbally impaired, leaving them functionally non-verbal. Consequently, quality of life is affected and social skills remained underdeveloped. On a personal level, it seemed that my grandmother’s condition was very similar to these children’s: Helpless, dependent and deprived of a proper life. Although hi-tech solutions are…show more content…
Later, when I had volunteered as a moderator to distribute free tree saplings in the tree-scarce Dhaka city, some pedestrians passed discriminatory remarks. These challenges along with my experience of leading the school’s handball and volleyball teams for four consecutive years instilled in me the confidence required to tackle the gender biased mindset. Gradually, I became more determined to take up engineering and live to inspire young girls universally to chase their dreams in any STEM
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