College Admissions Essay: Citizenship

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My grandpa puts an interesting spin on the phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility” by replacing “power” with “privilege”. By his logic, those who have, have an obligation to help those who lack, regardless of the commodity. As a middle class American afforded a good education, I n (After being lucky to travel to South Africa and witnessing a small taste of life in a third world word country, I have taken his message to heart, and always try to help others at every opportunity I am given. Although not all, many of the traits of a good citizen can be traced back to acting responsibly, which I plan to do throughout college with a focus on the high standards of education, social opportunities and ________, and participation available…show more content…
In solving problems to improve the community, working with others both allows for a distribution of workload and creates a larger pool from which ideas for possible solutions can be drawn. In order to (increase collaboration) in addition to furthering my education, I would continue to participate in study groups and work with others to better understand classes, as I have in the past. Another key aspect of social citizenship is the assistance of those in need. I remember first learning about study abroad programs with the story of a group of students going to Ghana to plan and institute a system of pipes that would deliver fresh water to a village that previously had no such access. Ever since hearing that story, I have been intrigued by study abroad programs and become determined to participate in one such program during my college career as it would give me the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge that I am gaining to help others. The prospect of research has similarly attracted my attention. Although in more of a school-type setting, this aspect of learning entirely new things while helping people, although more indirectly, sparks my interest in research as
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