College Admissions Essay: Diversity In Education

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Ever since I began my undergraduate education, I have personally observed and benefited from the diversity of my peers. Growing up, diversity was essentially absent from my life. My hometown community is a congregation of white middle class Americans working in mostly white collar careers. I remember coming to Iowa and being blown away with the knowledge, perspective, and new understandings I gained from every interaction with someone who was unlike myself. In the past three and half year, conversations with international students have led to new friends from other countries; exposure to the different upbringing people experience has made me more aware of the benefits diversity offers. I would never have been able to accomplish the milestones I have without having the opportunity to flourish in such a diverse environment. I have complete confidence that I bring new perspectives and will contribute to immensely to the already diverse environment at the University of Minnesota.
The first meaningful signal I experienced leading to my new understanding of diversity came during an introductory political behavior course when we were learning about economic inequality. I learned that the families in my hometown, including my own, were among some of …show more content…

In DLP, diversity means to “foster a culture of acceptance and respect for the individuality of all people. When tempered by humility, we forge a space for growth through our varied identities. Myriad experiences enlighten our view of the world and create a mosaic that is greater than the sum of its parts. Diversity means that we are strongest when multiple voices shape our community.” This creed puts forth the most important aspect of graduate school and intellectual communities by recognizing the strong ability for discovery and enrichment through having students with diverse

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