College Admissions Essay: Do I Really Work?

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“[I] am one talented young man.” Words that I believe in my heart to be true, but there is always room to grow as an artist. As someone who is talented and loves what I do, I have been told that I have a bright future. I have a good foundation as a singer, I am a reasonably good dancer, and I have some skill as an actor. Why am I not working? Why did I come to Manhattan School of Music? The answer to this question comes with some backstory.
Being an African American boy raised in Jacksonville, Fl I have had a really great and blessed life so far. I grew up the middle child of two brothers. My parents are divorced, but both are still actively in my life. And we may have never been rich, but I have never gone a day hungry or without a roof over my head. My parents also …show more content…

Somewhere in that span of time, I also discovered musicals movies. I will always remember the first musical movie I have ever seen, Singin’ in the Rain. It was from there, which my journey into the world of theatre began. I started taking voice lessons and going to dance classes in high school. And the most fun of all happened when I started doing shows, like musicals, dance concerts, and vocal concerts. Whenever I am on stage, I just have the time of my life in whatever manner I can be. Back then it was something I just enjoyed, but there was a moment in which the thought of doing this as a career hit me. On the closing night of a production of Urinetown at my high school, I returned to my dressing room and just burst into tears from the amount of happiness I felt from just being able to do what I love. To play pretend on stage, while singing and dancing. What more could a person ask for? So I more intensively started training, and applied to colleges. I graduated high school and attended Florida School of the Arts for two years and got some amazing training there. For a two year program, I received some of the best training and individual attention that I could

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