College Admissions Essay: Double Major And Grad School

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As I embark on this journey, that many people refer to as “the college experience”, my heart flutters and my mind is filled with fear and excitement. I am not longer in my small hometown where I had been in class with the same people for 13 years. Those around me tell me that I am ready and I will do just fine, but I cannot help but think what if I am not. I look around and see all the things to do and clubs to join, but I realize I am not in high school anymore and I can no longer do it all. Now, I have a double major and grad school that I must think about when I make choices. The things I should do and the things I want to do may not be the same anymore, so I must pick which of those are most important to me because now it is my future at stake.

Yet, somehow, this monster of a battle that scares the living daylights out of me is the most exciting time of my life. Of course, it being the first semester of my freshman year I expect to struggle and fall down, but it is what I do when I get back up that I look forward to the most. I do not want this to be the same as high school because even though I had a great time there; I have already done
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In high school, my time management meant that I did my homework on the day it was assigned and I was fine. I know that in college that may still be a relevant thought process, but it is going to be so much more than that because homework is no longer just book pages and worksheets. I worry that having a double major is going to put me over my head in work and studying, but hopefully with effective time management, I will do just fine. I might have to make choices, such as, not going to spend time with my friends, in an effort to not have to pull and all-nighter just to write a paper. At the end of it all, I know that college is about the education because in just four years it will all be over and another chapter of my life will
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