College Admissions Essay: Education Vs. My Mother

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Education vs My Mother Growing up in México, my mother’s mindset on education wasn't a first priority for achieving a successful life. Now I’m fortunate enough to live in the country where the “American Dream” is known to be fulfilled, and that has shaped my philosophy in Education to be a much stronger bond than my mothers. Being the oldest of four, and having to work at the age of Eight years old to provide for her family, just show’s where her priorities were. On the other hand, I’m a full time student, the youngest of four and, I voluntarily choose to work to be able to provide for myself and the things I desire. As a result of working at a young age, my mother was encouraged from her own mother to discontinue her education in the third grade. “I don’t know if I was happy or sad…. I didn’t have the right age to fully understand what or how I…show more content…
I believe jobs can be easily taken away, and you can be left with nothing. Having an education is like having plan A, B, and even C to be able to rely on. That is where my mother and I differ, I want to be able to feel safe if I don’t score a job, my mother did not have that luxury to feel safe, it was all based on luck. A moment where I knew my life revolved around Education was being able to Intern at a Hospital where I only got in because of my grades, it taught me that in order to be successful I had to rely on education. Living paycheck to paycheck is something my mother did, and she never looked down on it, that was her way of life. Now we will all look at that as poverty, most of us want to assure a secure pay, and the only way to achieve that is by going to school. Overall our philosophies in life shape who we are, and what kind of live we want for us. My mother never neglected my philosophy and I never neglected
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