College Admissions Essay: Faith For The Faithless

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Faith for the Faithless

Growing up, God is presented to us as a mystical being; a being that sees all and knows all. This idea of God is presented upon us by our parents and force fed to us through established churches. We grow up being told that there is a God, but the opposing idea is never presented to us, even as a possibility. What if there were no God? What if this entire idea of religion is just an established system of morals meant to make us better people, but how can we better people if the source of our morals are a lie? I was raised as a member of Reform Judaism. I was brought into this world an offspring of two Jewish parents, both of whom grew up on opposite ends of the spectrum. My father was raised as a strict reform Jew, while my mother grew up in a house less close to the idea of Judaism. She rarely attended temple and never kept kosher, while my father regularly attended. Between them, it was decided that my brother, sister, and I would be raised closer to that of my father. We attended Sunday School and became B’nei Mitzvah at the proper age. Along with this, we all also attended Jewish summer camps during various times of our lives and it was during my time at this camp that I began question this idea of an all knowing being that had an insight into all of our lives.
I was the age of fifteen and was in the midst of my second summer at camp when as an individual, not as a child, mindlessly restating my parents’
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God became a fictional character meant to scare children into proper form, a being meant to keep adults on a path of morality. It is not my views that faith in God is wrong in any manner. Faith has been the saving grace for many people and helped countless others find purpose in their life and I view that as a wonderful thing, something I wish for all to find in their life in some way or another, but to me, there is no god to drive my decisions, only
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