College Admissions Essay: Five Years Of My Life

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From ages one to five someone was constantly caring for me. Every move I made was watched. No freedom. I was not even my own person. At ages six to ten more freedom and responsibility came. I could pick out my own clothes, feed myself, and decide if I wanted to play barbies or babies. Eleven to fourteen are very confusing ages.I was trying to become my own person, instead of what my parents were. Ages fifteen to eighteen have definitely been the most challenging, but also the most fun years of my life. Where did all this freedom come from? I can drive a car, stay out late without the supervision of my parents, and even choose who I want to spend all my time with. Everyone expects teengagers to “be good.” We have the whole world at our…show more content…
“What do you want to be?” “Where do you want to go?” Honestly, I don’t know. This is a great big world with endless opportunities. The future holds millions of possible careers. The only career choices I even know about are the obvious ones; nursing, teaching etc. Deciding where to spend the next four years of my life is also a very big decision. In the next four years, I will do a lot of learning, growing, and having fun. Many thing will affect what kind of person I become. If I stay close to my parents, I might live to please them. If I travel far away, I might get so homesick I can not focus on my academics. There are endless scary things that could happen when thinking about college choice. If these factors are not enough, then the curveball of ACT score, tuition price, and scholarships are thrown at you. It’s all so…show more content…
I mean what better time to do things. We go to school every week day. School can be stressful at times, I might have several things to study for and do in one day. The stress might be so bad that I make the choice to not study for that last test and just take the not so great grade. I will probably bring my grade down. I might even get in trouble. Even if all that happens. I did not hurt anyone or cause damage to the world. If I was an adult, and I messed up other people would be affected. If I was a businesswoman by whole office could be affected. No matter how bad the stress of school is it could be worse. Then comes the weekend. We get to go to parties and hang out with friends. We do not have to worry about the responsibility of children or taking care of a household. We are young. We can ride around and listen to music. We get to go to football games. We just get to have
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