College Admissions Essay: Freedom Isn T Free

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Freedom is something we all crave from the moment we begin to talk. Weather if it's the freedom of speech, the freedom to have religious rights or just simple scenarios such as your parents letting you stay out past your curfew, they all come with a great sense of freedom which as a human being not only do we covet, but we deserve. However, as we all know freedom isn't free, we have to constantly work for it. For me, a time when I felt that I was rewarded with a gift of freedom was three summers ago when I was going into 8th grade. For Christmas my parents bought my sister and I both tickets to see One Direction which was more that I could've ever asked for. Three of my friends, Kennedy, Reilly and Alex also received tickets which made the experience even more worthwhile. To top it off not only were all going to the concert, but we were going all by ourselves. Which…show more content…
I always wanted the freedom to be on my own and to know that my parents trusted me, so when I received the tickets I was overcome with a sense of joy and freedom. I instantly felt older and trusted which was a gift much greater than any concert tickets. Although, like most things in life things come with a cost. For example, I wasn’t just given the tickets haphazardly, I had to earn them. Months prior to earning the tickets, I did everything I could to prove to my parents that I was responsible and trustworthy. I would keep my room clean, take care of my dog and most importantly treated my parents with respect. Eventually, my parents began to realize that I was growing up and gaining a sense of responsibility, therefor I was rewarded with freedom. Overall, in the scheme of life freedom is something that we all have a strong desire for and for the most part if you work hard, and have characteristics of trustworthiness and responsibility God will led you in the direction to be rewarded with
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